Apex Adult and Family Therapy

Office Services

AAFT's professional office services include:

Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluations: A thorough history and evaluation of current problems and functioning to determine the client's needs and plan for treatment.

Individual Psychotherapy: A process of insight oriented therapy and other techniques, used to help people when they feel stuck, overwhelmed, or develop a pattern of undesireable outcomes in their life. Therapy helps people to heal, overcome obstacles and achieve their desired goals.

Family and Group Therapy: For families where more than one family member wish to participate in treatment and problem solving, or groups where common themes bring individuals together in a therapeutic process.

Couple Therapy: For marriages or partners who are seeking help for mild to severe difficulties or conflict in their relationship.

Consultation: Professional opinion or guidance to help those who are concerned about a family member or loved one.

Psycho-Educational Programs: Educational programs available to community groups and businesses on various mental health topics.

Critical Incident Debriefings: Trauma recovery for groups and businesses involved in traumatic events such as natural disasters, severe accidents, acts or threats of violence, or coping with a sudden death.

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