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Critical Incident Debriefings

Critical Incident debriefings are a set of interventions which help traumatized people recover and normalize their lives after a traumatic event. This discipline of crisis intervention was created to respond to a number of crisis situations including:

As one of the few Certified Critical Incident Consultants in the area, Eileen Blum Nardin offers groups, schools, businesses and other community groups help for the victims of those impacted by traumatic events. She has assisted many groups and businesses including hurricane victims, fast food restaurant armed robberies, students impacted by the sudden death of other students or teachers, families who lost loved ones in fatal car crashes, and corporate employees faced with massive job losses due to lay-offs.

Why Offer Critical Incident Debriefings?

Those involved in a traumatic event suffer from a wide range of symptoms called Traumatic Stress Disorder. Without professional help, these symptoms can escalate, leaving the victims with disabling emotional injuries. At the work place, or in school, untreated symptoms will often manifest as frequent absences, poor concentration, sleep and eating problems, low motivation, mood swings, misuse of alcohol or drugs, physical illness, or feelings of helplessness or hopelessness about oneself, ones' work or personal life.

With early professional intervention, most people involved in traumatic events gain an understanding of their immediate symptoms and are able to eventually resume their normal functioning. Understanding how ones' reactions are "normal" responses to "abnormal" events, learning how to cope with symptoms and having access to psycho-educational tools and resources can all contribute to faster and more enduring recovery.

If your group or business is involved in a traumatic event, Apex Adult & Family Therapy will help with the following services:

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